Connecting you

with profitable prospects

Are you missing the essential ingredient for accelerated growth?

If your business provides a superb service, but isn’t currently reaching enough customers, Gravitate Digital has the solution. We create and maintain online brands that work hard on your behalf, attracting exactly the type of people you want to do business with.

We bring people to these brands through highly targeted online advertising. The initial online experience is developed into further engagement that enables us to refer high quality, qualified leads to you.

A pathway from search to qualified prospect

Gravitate Digital’s successful ‘Target, Convert, Qualify, Handover’ process is the engine that brings high-intent customers to your business.






It all starts with an analysis of what your preferred customers look like, and what they are looking for. This enables us to reach out to prospects with the correct area of interest and buying intent at suitable online touchpoints.

We target the location and messaging of online content and advertising at people serious about moving ahead in the buying cycle, rather than those who might just be window shopping.


Once they reach one of our online brands, visitors are typically invited to complete a form and receive an initial quote or estimate. They are made aware of what will happen next, for example that our outbound team will be making contact to offer further assistance.

So far in the journey, the visitor has not specifically seen any mention of your brand, although much of the website content does describe key benefits of the services you provide.


Once a visitor has completed and submitted an online form, we follow up within seconds with an email to begin the process of qualification and relationship-building.

Our outbound team then contacts prospects to provide assistance, promoting your brand and the benefits of talking to you.

Another part of this team’s work is to further qualify prospects for meeting your requirements. When talking to prospects we can filter out those who do not fit your favoured profiles.


Our outbound team concludes each call by gaining the prospect’s consent to be transferred to one of your advisers, and for any information we have obtained to also be handed over.

We then ‘hot key’ (call transfer) the prospect to your advisers and send over any data we have captured via API to your system. This instant handover means that you talk to people while they still have interest and engagement in the process.

Finally, we send an email to the prospect confirming that we have passed them from our introductory service to you. For prospects, it’s a seamless journey from our brand to yours.


A no-risk cost model

So confident are we in delivering results, our core business model places all the risk with us. You only pay us when you make a sale to our referred prospects.  (It’s a step up from outdated pay-per-lead models that leave you with an invoice but no guarantee of conversion success.)