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Annuity Line

The Challenge

Annuity Line’s direct to consumer model hinged upon the regular supply of annuity leads from online aggregators. Lead costs, volumes and delivery points fluctuated from one month to another making it very difficult for them to exercise financial control of their business. Gravitate Digital was commissioned to help Annuity Line build an online lead generation model to overcome these problems. KPI’s were agreed; target cost per lead, cost per acquisition, offline conversion rates, lead volumes and preferred delivery points.  

Our Approach

Gravitate Connect, Insights and Automation were selected for Annuity Line. We created personalised digital journeys to attract profitable prospects online seeking annuity comparison services. Gravitate Insights helped refine customer targeting options and validate and append customer information. Gravitate Automation was deployed to automate manual processes where possible to drive productivity.

Lead Volume

Annuity lead volumes have increased by over 200%. Further leads are available from mobile advertising, 24/7 ad scheduling and other ad networks.

Lead Quality

Annuity Line has seen an increase in conversion rates from circa 3% to 20-30% depending on the platform. Gravitate Connect has delivered unrivalled results.

Lead Cost

Annuity lead costs have reduced dramatically. Annuity Line’s total lead expenditure is approximately 20% of the original cost in using lead aggregators.

The Result

Annuity Line has full control of their lead supply with the ability to instantly turn it on or off to suit their immediate capacity. Gravitate Digital’s services are on track to further exceed agreed KPI’s in 2016. Annuity Line is very pleased with the progress made to date. They are enjoying new levels of profitability thanks to the results driven by our services.   


Conversion Rates

Conversion rates have increased by 900%.


Cost Per Lead

Lead costs have reduced by 75%.


Cost Per Acquisition

Cost per acquisition has reduced by 90%.

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