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Pay Per Click Ads Cut from Google search

Pay Per Click Ads Cut from Google search 700 411 Gravitate Digital

Google search results will now appear more streamlined following the removal of pay per click ads (PPC) from the right side of the search screen on desktop devices.

A limited number of paid search links will continue to appear above any organic content, with PPC ads and unpaid listings pushed further down the page.

The removal of ads in the sidebar should signal a positive step forward for internet users who will now benefit from clearer and more focused search results, though advertisers will likely face greater pressure to retain clicks with the now limited ad availability.

Thoughts differ across the online community with some forumites concerned by the continual disappearance of organic search results above the fold, while others fail to see this as a permanent change due to the loss Google will suffer from decreased revenue.

Exceptions include Google Shopping Ads and the Google Knowledge Panel which will not be affected by the new layout.