Google Analytics introduce automated insights

Google Analytics Introduce Automated Insights

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Google Analytics users will now find it easier to track important data trends following the introduction of automated insights.

Accessible through the Assistant tab for iOS and Android app users only, the new insight stream will automatically comb through data to provide meaningful recommendations and help speed up the process of finding and tracking data trends.

How will automated insights benefit business owners?

The change should help online retailers answer important questions which could dramatically increase sales figures and revenue. Which products are experiencing higher than normal sales growth? Which ad channels are driving the most conversions and best returns? Or even, which devices are predominantly used by customers to engage with our brand?

Although Google are already tracking this form of data, it’s clear the new system will allow users to interpret trends more easily with a new quick-to-read format, making it less likely that important variations in data will be overlooked.

Senior Product Management Director, Babak Pahlavan, suggests large companies with a team of data analysts could find it easier to ‘scale up’ using the new insight stream, while for small businesses, automated data summaries could “bring that same sort of possibility of having these analysts accessible to them and bring in sights that otherwise you would miss.”

Will automated insights continue to evolve?

The system will get smarter over time, offering a more personalised service to run in line with business specific needs. Users can hurry this process along by providing feedback on the suitability of data using the thumbs up or down button at the foot of each insight card.

According to Product Manager Ajay Nainani, this step forward is one of many in the evolution process of Analytics which is moving in the direction of “more insights, less data”. He also mentioned that Google will soon launch a desktop version of automated insights for improved functionality and to transfer use to other languages.