Ehang 184

Ehang 184 App-Controlled Passenger Drone Released

Ehang 184 App-Controlled Passenger Drone Released 700 411 Gravitate Digital

An innovative new passenger drone capable of flying to altitudes of 11,000ft is up for sale.

With an average cost of £200,000 – the Ehang 184 doesn’t exactly come cheap, but at speeds of 62 miles per hour this personal flying vehicle could revolutionise transport as we know it.

And the best part? No prior piloting experience is necessary. The drone is controlled entirely through a mobile app, with only two commands “take off” and “land”. Once you’ve plotted your flight course, the drone takes off vertically and uses real-time sensor data to transport a single passenger from one location to another, with a maximum journey time at sea level of 23 minutes.

Created by China-based drone company Ehang – the device can support weights of up to 19 stone and has a span of 18 feet.

What safety features does the Ehang 184 have?

As far as safety goes, the 184 has multiple power systems to ensure safety even in the unlikely event of a malfunction. The installation of an emergency backup device means the drone is able to automatically land itself in the closest suitable area should the need arise.

The Autonomous Aerial Vehicle has a 142-horsepower engine, and is made from a mix of composite material, epoxy and carbon fiber, which helps contribute to it’s tiny weight at just 200kg. The internal cabin boasts a seat, control pad, air-con and even a reading light. There’s even space for a backpack.

What are the airspace regulations for the Ehang 184?

Due to the innovative design of the device, there are already questions regarding the legality of the vehicle with regards to regulations on air-space. As there are no current regulations governing this new category of technology, Ehang are working with government agencies across the globe to create regulations for the future of truly innovative transportation options.