New Conversions metric replaces Converted Clicks

New Conversions Metric Replaces Converted Clicks

New Conversions Metric Replaces Converted Clicks 700 411 Gravitate Digital

A new conversion metric allowing users to track behaviour from multiple ad clicks will be integrated into the AdWords interface next month, following Google’s decision to retire Converted Clicks.

As of September 21st, advertisers will be automatically migrated to the new Conversions system. From here, users can continue to assess traffic and click reports but with the additional benefit of being able to monitor cross-browser and cross-device leads as well – helping to keep track of conversions that occurred over time and across different devices.

While Converted Clicks provides information on whether a single ad click leads to further action taken on a website, Conversions can monitor and analyse behaviour from multiple clicks, granting users the ability to measure several ad goals separately.

What impact will this have on conversion data? 

Advertisers may see a temporary increase in reported conversions at the end of September, especially those with a strong mobile presence.

To minimise disruption, Google has introduced an easy-to-use tool for clients who wish to migrate early. Users can manually switch metrics by selecting ‘Conversions’ from the Adwords tool bar and clicking on the ‘Converted Clicks is going away’ notice before following the prompts. They can then choose to migrate or learn how to temporarily merge the two systems.

How to reduce the counted difference when using the new conversion metric

To maintain accurate click counts and avoid over-counting conversions, the following steps may be helpful:

1. Firstly, it’s important to remove any duplicate conversion goals as the new metric could count these as multiple conversions.
2. Next, consider setting goal counts to “One” not “Every” – to prevent repeated user action being marked as separate activity.
3. Finally, if you still can’t get along with the new system, the old click numbers can be accessed by viewing conversion reports minus any cross-device conversions.