Google increases seller ratings

Google Increases Seller Ratings Threshold

Google Increases Seller Ratings Threshold 700 411 Gravitate Digital

Online businesses will now need to boost their number of online reviews if they wish to qualify for Google Seller Ratings, after the minimum threshold is increased from 30 to 150.

Each unique review must have been obtained within the last 12 months, in a move which Google claim should improve the quality and stability of Seller Ratings, while helping users filter out sites thought to be untrustworthy. Composite ratings will remain the same at 3.5 stars or higher.

As a result of the policy revision and the difficulty in generating such a high number of reviews, many smaller brands will no longer qualify for seller ratings, which could be seen to further monopolise the online market.

How can I improve my seller rating and increase reviews in an organic fashion?

Small businesses should aim to collect as many reviews as they can, in the shortest time frame possible. Companies that successfully remain listed and are reviewed well will distance themselves from competitors – meaning more clicks and conversions.

Retailers should also ensure excellent customer service – a satisfied customer will be more willing to give up their time and leave a review – they’re also more likely to spread the word organically about your products or service.  Make sure all associated parts of the consumer experience are of high quality – including shipping and delivery.

Negative reviews should be acted on quickly. It may also be worth contacting existing customers who have had a positive journey with your businesses and asking if they would be happy to provide feedback.

 Why are seller ratings so important?

Seller ratings let internet users know which advertisers rank highly for quality service, allowing users to make more informed choices when it comes to visiting a site or making a purchase. For businesses, seller ratings help bring in quality leads and increase ad performance.